Melissa Clary

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Founder and Owner of Heels Down Healing, Certified Equine Gestalt Practitioner, and former school psychologist.

Your Background Does Not Have to be Your Future

My own experience with depression, anxiety, and past trauma has taught me that no one is broken. Relief is available and I have made that my mission through Heels Down Healing. By discovering their values, and living by them, my clients experience long-term happiness, healthy connections to themselves and others, and a regard for their authentic self.

With my background in counseling and school psychology, as well as my Equine Gestalt certification, I offer expertise and compassion as my clients learn about their current selves. With the help of our equine partners, my clients come to peace with past difficulties which may still affect their attitudes and judgment.

My story of transformation

I have fought my own demons since childhood and know the desperate nature of loneliness. A psychiatric hospitalization was a turning point for me, but most transformational during this time was finding Equine Gestalt work. It offered clarity to the fog I had been living in.

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When I'm not working with clients...

You can typically find me riding my thoroughbred mare, scouring flea markets and estate sales for a stellar vintage find, or enjoying homemade chocolate chip banana bread with my four children. Good food shared with great people makes for an excellent evening, and I couldn't imagine life without my wonderful barn family. 


- Melissa clary

"My own debilitating depression was once viewed as a failure. Addressing it with the help of equine gestalt has been my greatest achievement."

Benefits of Equine Gestalt

horses foster genuine connection

Horses do not put up walls. Instead, they always show up as their authentic selves, and connect better with humans when we return the favor.

horses are acutely aware

Horses are highly sensitive to their surrounding environment, which allows them to naturally form genuine connections with humans.

horses live in the present moment

As prey animals, horses always live in the here and now. They encourage us to do the same.

horses respond to energy

Horses have a clear, physical response to energy and speak through body language, which encourages clear communication. 

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"Your presence and compassion allowed me to feel safe and release grief that I have been carrying for a long time. Thank you for holding space for me and guiding me through the process with such ease and gentleness." 

"It was a complete honor to have been your client." 

Haley, Denver, CO

"She then helped me find a very creative way to not only overcome, but to use what I had discovered to amplify my found strengths! Thank you!"

"Melissa offered me a very vivid, but safe, way of exploring a painful moment in my past."

Kim, Adrian, mo

"You gave me such a great experience that will stay with me forever. You were made for this work." 

"Thank you for "walking with me" through a metaphor that has defined my life. 

Kamrynn, Elizabeth, CO

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